Michelle Verdieu- Williams

Michelle Verdieu- Williams


Michelle Verdieu- Williams is the 1st Haitian –American Chief Probation Officer for Massachusetts’s Trial Court.  Massachusetts is the birthplace of Probation in the United States since 1841.  Chief Williams was appointed in March 2011 to the Charlestown Division of the Boston Municipal Court Department.  As Chief Probation Officer, she serves as the Department Head who oversees the daily operations of the Probation Office and manages all the employees of the department.  Chief Williams co-manages the Charlestown court with the First Justice Office and the Clerk Magistrate Office to help ensure management and operation of the courthouse and the delivery of justice. Chief Williams develops and implements operational and organizational policies for the Probation Office. Chief Williams reviews her probations officer’s case folders to ensure supervision is being conducted per Mass General Law and Mass Probation Office standard.   As chief, she produces and maintaining statistical data, conducts and schedule team meetings and training updates for staff.  She also coordinates with other court departments for continuous operational improvement assessments. Chief Williams collaborates with local community organizations and partners to assist the Probation Officers with added resources to help offender supervision.

Chief Williams has lead several interoffice initiatives and strategic planning working groups for the Mass Probation Service.  Chief Williams has spearheaded two successful programs for the probation department.  The Roxbury Choice program for young adults.  She developed the program criteria in conjunction with the judiciary, assistant district attorneys, defense attorneys, and community service agencies to assist youthful offenders in the successful completion of their probation while developing a marketable skill and or a mentor relationship.  Chief Williams facilitated roundtable meetings the help established a professional relationship with community service programs. She also developed a violence reduction education awareness workshop group for offenders to complete.

Chief Williams developed the Charlestown Court Addiction recovery Team.  The 1st Drug Court session in the Charlestown Court to assist Probationers with chronic substance abuse problems.  She established a professional partnership with various Charlestown community programs, to help assist with a coordinated and structured approach to help offenders complete substance abuse treatment while being strictly supervised with in-court review and reintegrated into the community.

Chief Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Boston College and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from UMass Lowell with a concentration in Public Policy and Family Violence.  Chief Williams began her career with Massachusetts’s Trial Court in 1992 as a Victim Advocate.  In 1997 she became a Probation Officer in West Roxbury Division of Boston. She served as Assistant Chief Probation Officer with the Roxbury Division from 2005 until her appointment as Chief Probation Officer in 2011.