Theo Derosier


Therveland (Theo) Derosier is the current Clerk and founding member of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Massachusetts and is a professional with over 10 years of experience in Information Technology and has made significant contributions as a leader. During his career, he has applied his proven expertise and ongoing professional development to meeting and exceeding all objectives put before him in areas such as process optimization and development, systems administration and security, relationship, and resources management.

Mr. Derosier earned Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in 2005 from Florida International University. As a fervent leadership development supporter, he was a key advisor to the Caribbean Student Association at Broward College in 2006-2015. During such time, he worked with middle school and high school students on college readiness and worked with minority community college students on retention improvement and graduation rate improvement. While working at Broward College, Mr. Derosier was the recipient of several leaderships and community-based awards for his work. Subsequently, he obtained a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University in 2013. Mr. Derosier is also a recipient of several certificates in his fields of work.

Mr. Derosier is a proud and devoted father of two beautiful girls, nine and six-year old. He enjoys an active lifestyle, traveling, meeting new people, experience new cultures; he is passionate about community outreach and empowerment, social and economic issues, and community-based services.